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We offer fast and high quality translations of your Swedish and English legal documents made by top law students.


By uploading your legal documents and entering the desired delivery date, you receive an immediate price estimate.


We match you with our available law students and begin the translation within 24h.


The translation is delivered to you together with an invoice. The final price is based on the number of words and desired delivery date.

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    Why Legalate?


    Legalate’s translators are bound by non-disclosure undertakings and handle your legal documents with great caution.


    Legalate’s co-workers follow international quality management guidelines to ensure that our legal translation service meets our customers’ high expectations.


    Legalate offers the most cost efficient legal translations of documents on the market.


    Legalate’s translators are top law students with exceptional legal English skills.

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    We hire law students as translators.
    If you are dissatisfied with the translation and we are responsible for the error, we will correct it at no extra charge.
    We use an algorithm to calculate the price, which takes into account the number of words and the desired delivery date. Upload your document on the website and receive an immediate price estimate.
    We translate from English to Swedish, and vice versa.
    You set the desired deadline yourself. We do our best to deliver your translation on time, or faster. We reserve the right to extend the deadline for extensive translations.
    Your initial upload of the document, during the estimate calculation, does not give Legalate access to its content. We receive your documents once you have confirmed the purchase, storing them in our secure database. The documents will be deleted from our database four days after completion of the translation.


    About Legalate

    Legalate is a new legal online platform for law firms in need of translation of Swedish and English legal documents. Legalate consists of a network containing some of Sweden’s best law students in the final stages of their legal education. All translators have legal English experience and are available 24/7. Legalate was founded by a practicing lawyer, a law student and a programmer. Together they combined their experiences to develop an easy and efficient platform for both customers and students. The purpose of the service is to give law firms the opportunity to quickly and easily outsource the translation work load, while providing young law students challenging work within the legal field. Legalate’s aim is to be the natural substitute to all expensive translate agencies on the market.